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Internet Services
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As Australian businesses change and adapt to quicker, more reliable internet access, we work hard to connect you with a range of data and internet options through Australia's top carriers including; Telstra, Optus,  Vocus and TPG.

Our support centre uses software to maximise uptime for your business. Our Next Generation Network (NGN) creates a platform that delivers an extensive range of data and internet services, Cloud-based services, and Cloud-based IP systems and voice systems. 

Business NBN Enterprise Ethernet (NBN EE)

A premium wholesale business product that’s designed for more.

Enterprise Ethernet provides the fastest symmetrical wholesale speed options on the nbn® network, scalable agility through priority data options, and dedicated 24x7, onshore support to service providers. All backed by a robust fibre network that’s made to suit business’ evolving needs.

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Collaboration and speed

All data over Enterprise Ethernet comes with a symmetrical profile - with wholesale upload and download speed tier options from as little as 10/10Mbps to nearly 10Gbps. The speed and bandwidth options available via Enterprise Ethernet can support high levels of connectivity and collaboration, and applications like cloud computing and video conferencing where uploading is as important as downloading.

A reliable fibre network

Enterprise Ethernet runs upon a complete fibre network that offers reliability and speed – which helps to minimise downtime and maximise your company’s performance and efficiencies.

Adaptable priority data

Enterprise Ethernet’s priority data options can help you manage your data when it matters. At times data over the nbn network exceeds the capacity of the network, causing congestion. With Enterprise Ethernet’s priority data option, your business applications can be prioritised ahead of other residential and business data using the nbn network

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Abstract Background

Multiprotocol Label Services (MPLS)

MPLS is a telecommunications network mechanism that takes control of the path in which data moves between nodes. The labels enable the system to take the shortest path to your content. Any-to-Any Connection makes MPLS a highly effective way of connecting multiple sites; allowing for Voice, Data and other applications to be instantly shared with anyone on your network.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Flexibility

  • Highly Scalable

  • Secure

  • Network Monitoring and Router Management

  • Class of Service for any Requirements

Fixed Wireless Ethernet

If traditional copper or fibre service isn’t available, Fixed Wireless Ethernet is the ideal solution. It delivers a secondary connection with zero downtime in your connection. Fixed Wireless Ethernet is fast and secure, creating flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fast Installation

  • Intelligent Database Management Services

  • Flexibility

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Ideal for High Speed and High Volume Broadband Applications

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